Advanced Grain Marketing - Registration

In a period of increased price volatility an understanding of marketing fundamentals is more important than ever. This course helps you understand, develop, and implement better grain marketing practices to enhance your financial well-being at the farm level. Learn the concepts and tools you need to know in order to develop your own grain marketing plan.

Pre and post-harvest marketing decisions hinge on price trends and storage costs in light of cash marketing, futures and options price levels. Increasing levels of domestic corn processing have disrupted historic basis patterns. Participating in Advanced Grain Marketing should result in a better understanding market fundamentals, supply and demand balance sheets, risk management tools and market outlook information.

The course fee for Advanced Grain Marketing is $100 for new students and $50 for returning students that have participated in other e-school courses. Please indicate during registration if you are a returning student to receive the discount (subject to verification).

Following receipt of payment you will be contacted for additional information via email and issued a unique ID and password to access the course materials. A valid e-mail address is required for course registration.

Payment may be made by credit card (MasterCard or VISA only) or check payable to Iowa State University.

The course is available year around - there is no start or end date.

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