The purpose of the ISU Animal Cy-ience Academy is to provide high school students a glimpse into the many disciplines and career opportunities available in the field of animal science. Participants will be able to virtually experience dissections, farm tours, live demonstrations and be able to cook their own virtual lunch with our professors.

Door prizes!

All participants will be entered into a drawing for some great door prizes including the grand prize of a pair of Apple AirPods. Drawing will be held at the conclusion of the program and participants must be logged on to win.


Wednesday, July 1, 2020
9:00 am Welcome - Dr. Amy Powell, Extension youth animal science program specialist
9:10 am Hungry, humble and smart: Opportunities for you in animal agriculture - Dr. Dan Thomson, Chair, Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University
9:40 am

Break and setup of workshop 'rooms' for session A

Students will select one workshop for each session at registration. Students will then join their virtual 'room' in Webex for their selected workshop.

9:50 am Workshop session A begins (students select one)
  1. The horse’s welfare - Dr. Peggy Miller-Auwerda, associate professor and Extension equine specialist Learn how to assess the well-being of a horse. Examine measuring body weight, body condition score, and determine vital signs.
  2. Which came first - the chicken or the egg and where did it come from? - Jessica Menke, agricultural specialist

A virtual tour of 3 different housing systems at the New ISU Poultry Farm.

  3. This little piggy eats… - Dr. Laura Greiner, assistant professor, Animal Science

Learn how and why a pig’s digestive system works and what to feed them for optimal performance.

  4. Foraging with cows - Dr. Brad Skaar, associate professor, Animal Science

Walk with Dr. Skaar through the pasture to learn best practices for pastures and cattle.

10:45 am

Break and setup of workshop 'rooms' for session B

Students will select one workshop for each session at registration. Students will then join their virtual 'room' in Webex for their selected workshop.

11:00 am Workshop session B begins (students select one)
  5. Hoppin’ into action: Raising and showing rabbits - Holly Evans, lecturer, Animal Science

Rabbits are a great animal for youth of all ages and experience levels. Learn how to handle, manage, breed and show rabbits in this workshop.

  6. Horse fitness for summer - Dr. Peggy Miller-Auwerda, associate professor and Extension equine specialist

Learn about changes that occur in the horse before, during and after exercise. What happens when you warm-up and cool down a horse? What changes occur with training, and during exercise? What does the horse need to maintain fitness?

  7. Bring home the blue, not the flu! - Dr. Molly Lee, associate director, Center for Food Security and Public Health

Learn ways to protect you and your animals from disease so you can grow a blue ribbon animal, and about what it means to be an epidemiologist, or “disease detective” responding to both animal and human diseases!

  8. An eggventure - Cameron Hall, superintendent, Poultry Teaching Farm

A brief look into egg quality and grading.

  9. Working dogs - David Bruene, manager, Beef Teaching Farm

Watch a cattle dog in action and learn more about training and working with livestock dogs.


10. You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! - Dr. Stephanie Clark, professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Go on a virtual tour of ISU’s Creamery and learn about the steps involved in processing one of America’s favorite dairy treats – ice cream!

11:50 am Break
12:00 Pm

Cooking with Animal Cy-ientists - Participate in a live food science class where you learn to cook up the products that come from livestock. You can make the items at home while you watch our scientists cook in the kitchen.

1:00 Pm Program concludes



Wednesday, July 1, 2020

9:00 am to 1:00 pm


This is a live webinar delivered through Zoom. Requirements are a computer with internet access, sound and a web camera.

Computer - You may join the meeting through your web browser or the Zoom Client for Meetings desktop app, which is a free download.

Mobile device - Download and install the Zoom Moblie app from the app store for your device. This is a free app.

Additional instructions and links to join the training will be emailed to registered attendees prior to the July 1 webinar.

Iowa State University Animal Science


$25 per student

Prior to midnight June 28, 2020

Students are registered individually. On the first screen of registration please list the contact information of the student attending. Parent or guardian information is collected on the next page.

A Student Participation Agreement and Parental Permission Agreement must be completed and signed by a parent or guardian and returned by email prior to the beginning of the program to participate. The link to the form is included in the confirmation email.

To participate students must be in grade 8 - 12.


  • Pre-registration and payment is required to participate in this online course. Registration must be completed prior to midnight, June 28, 2020.
  • After submitting registration you will receive a confirmation email with additional information. Please submit a valid email address to receive this information.
  • If you do not receive your confirmation email the same day please check your junk or spam mail, If you cannot locate the email please contact for assistance.


Amy Powell

Amy Powell
Extension youth animal science program specialist
(515) 294-3441

For assistance with registration or questions on using Zoom to access this course please contact ANR Program Services at (515) 294-9487 or