Annie's Project

Farm management education for women in Iowa

Annie's Project is an educational program dedicated to strengthening women's roles in the modern farm enterprise. The courses foster problem solving, record keeping, and decision-making skills in farm women

Courses are offered through a network of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach educators, including farm management specialists, value added agriculture specialists, and county staff that have received Annie's Project curriculum training.


Upcoming classes

Annie's Project classes are offered throughout the year. Visit the class location page for more details and to register. Advance registration is required to attend any Annie's Project class. Check back throughout the year as more classes are added.

Status Start date Host county Location(s)
Annie's Project: Farm Business Management
Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Farm Transition Planning
Heartbeat of the Farm: Human Resource Management
April 7, 2015 Sioux Orange City, Iowa


Course descriptions

Additional course details and objectives available on class location pages. (listed above)

Annie's Project: Farm Business Management

Focus is on five areas of risk management: financial, human resources, legal, marketing and production. Course may be geared towards commodity or value added/niche production, or a combination, depending on needs of specific location. 18 contact hours = six, three-hour classes

Managing for Today and Tomorrow: Farm Transition Planning

Focus on business, estate, retirement and succession planning for agriculture operations. 15 contact hours = five, three-hour classes

Heartbeat of the Farm: Human Resource Management

Focus on employee supply, recruitment and law; family and business communications; employee supervision and retention; health, stress and well-being. 12 contact hours = four, three-hour classes

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Keep up to date on course announcements and join in the discussion with other Annie's Project students on our Facebook page. Interested in learning more about Annie's Project, the history and the people behind the program? Visit Annie's Project national web page for more details. Watch Annie's Project participants share what the courses mean to them and how they've used the information.

For more information about Annie's Project in Iowa contact Madeline Schultz, state coordinator, at (515) 294-0588 or or Lani McKinney, (515) 294-2136 or

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