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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time Program Item
7:30 pm -
9:00 pm
Reception (Room 5565, Memorial Union)
The Annie’s Project educator team will host an informal reception with refreshments in the Memorial Union Hotel Reception Room (Room 5565). All are welcome to attend. Overnight accomodations are available at the Memorial Union and details are on the Directions and Lodging page.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Time Program Item
All day Storytelling Room (Room 3538, Memorial Union)
The Annie’s Project storytelling room will be open all day. Farm women attending the celebration are invited to stop by anytime to share their story of being an Iowa farm woman and their thoughts on past or future participation in Annie’s Project local classes. Permission to capture the stories by video and share them with others is requested, but not required.
8:00 am Registration check-in (Oak Room, Memorial Union)
Morning refreshments
Resource room open (Pioneer Room, Memorial Union)
8:30 Welcome and celebration opening (Great Hall, Memorial Union)
  Welcoming comments
- John Lawrence, associate dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and director, Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension and Outreach
- Marsha Laux and Madeline Schultz, Annie’s Project Tenth Anniversary Celebration Co-Chairs and Extension Value Added Agriculture Program Specialists, Iowa State University
  Guided Intelligence: The Annie's Project Story
Celebrate Ten Years of Annie’s Project with the program founder. Learn why and how this agricultural risk management program all got started and the unique role Iowa State University played in spreading educational opportunities for farm women across Iowa and to 34 states.
- Ruth Hambleton is the founder of Annie’s Project. She is a retired University of Illinois Extension Agribusiness and Marketing Specialist, President of Annie’s Project Education for Farm Women Not-for-Profit, and Adjunct Lecturer at Southern Illinois University - Agricultural Business Program.

Session A -- Ag Decision Maker - select one option below

Farm women love Ag Decision Maker and these breakout sessions will help you get the most from it. Ag Decision Maker is a decision-oriented agricultural business web site designed for farmers, lenders, farm managers, and others. Materials are written by economics and farm management specialists at Iowa State University and other universities and institutions across the Midwest. Select one option below.

  1. Resources for estate planning (Great Hall, Memorial Union) - Kelvin Leibold, Extension Farm Management Field Specialist
Find resources to help you start or further develop your estate plan.  Information and planning tools on succession planning, wills and probate and other topics will help you lead estate planning conversations.
  2. Budgeting with Ag Decision Maker (Campanile Room, Memorial Union) - Ann Johanns, Extension Program Specialist, Ag Decision Maker
Crop, livestock, and specialty budgets can help you compare your costs and returns to average  benchmarks as well as help you plan new farm enterprises.
  3. Grain marketing outook and tools (Cardinal Room, Memorial Union) - Chad Hart, Extension Crop Marketing Specialist and associate professor, Economics
Plan ahead with the market outlook resources on Ag Decision Maker. Learn about grain storage and quality, marketing tools and more.
  4. Farmland leasing guidelines (Pioneer Room, Memorial Union) - Kristin Schulte, Extension Farm Business Management Specialist
Rental rate surveys help guide local landowners and leasers. Explore leasing agreements and options to consider.
  5. Checklist for agricultural employers (Room 3512, Memorial Union) - Melissa O’Rourke, J. D., Extension Farm and Management Field Specialist
This checklist is an overview of points to consider as farmers prepare to hire one or more employees for their farm operation.

Session B -- campus agricultural excellence tours - select one option below

Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has recorded 150 years of excellence in agricultural research, education and Extension. Come learn about the history of the collge and university and interesting points of pride. Each group will walk to one agricultural building on campus for a guided tour highlighting campus traditions or teaching, research, and Extension programs. Select one.

  1. Morrill Hall and the Morrill Act (meet in Great Hall, Memorial Union) - Nancy Girad, Educator of Visual Literacy and Learning, University Museums
Visit Morrill Hall, the second building on campus, to learn about ISU’s role as the first land grant college to fully accept the provisions of the "Morrill Act" of 1862. Visit the exhibit “Through Charlotte’s Eyes:  Christian Petersen, Sculptor to get a personal glimpse of the artist.
  2. Farm House Museum and the Hatch Act (meet in Campanile Room, Memorial Union) - David Faux, Interpretation Specialist, University Museums
Enjoy the museum while learning about the significance that one small farm home had upon shaping a nationally recognized land-grant university. As the first building on campus as well as a National Historic Landmark, the Farm House was built in 1860.
  3. Kildee Hall and Meats Laboratory (meet in Cardinal Room, Memorial Union) - Matt Wenger, Program Coordinator, Animal Science
This state-of-the-art meat laboratory supports technology and product development. The lab has full processing capabilities and is used for teaching, research and extension activities.
  4. Agronomy Hall - Soil and Plant Analysis Laboratory (meet in Pioneer Room, Memorial Union) - Aaron Brand, Facilities Manager, Agronomy
The lab provides soil, plant, water and environmental testing services to farmers, fruit and vegetable growers, landscape managers, home gardeners, and researchers in the State of Iowa and to researchers across the nation.
  5. Union Drive Marketplace (meet in Room 3512, Memorial Union) - Nancy Keller, Director, ISU Dining
Dining on campus isn’t what it used to be! Come see how ISU Dining is providing a variety of quality and sustainable culinary experiences which enhance the educational and cultural aspects of Iowa State University while supporting Iowa agriculture.
11:30 Celebration luncheon (included in registration fee) - Great Hall, Memorial Union

Across America, nearly 10,000 farm women have participated in Annie’s Project since its beginning. They took their new agricultural risk management skills back to their farms and increased profitability, rural life style satisfaction and national food security. The success stories of these farm women and their families are what makes Annie’s Project continue to be a sought after program. The luncheon videos and speakers will share program impacts and the hope for Iowa’s farm women.

Making connections and Improving Lives
Cathann Kress, Vice President for Extension and Outreach, Iowa State University
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach connects Iowans to the University’s academic programs and scientists. We provide access and build capacity so Iowa State education and research can benefit Iowans quickly and effectively — and Iowans can inform the evolving research. Through local classes and national leadership, programs like Annie’s Project improve the lives of Iowa farm women. 

The Influence of Iowa Farm Women
Angela Loew, Financial Officer, Farm Credit Services of America

In her role as an agricultural lender, Angie Loew sees firsthand the influence of Iowa farm women on their farm businesses. She also understands their aspirations to learn, master, lead and manage. Whether marketing the farm’s corn crop, supporting family members through stressful times, or selecting a health insurance plan, farm women are determined to contribute to the success of the farm business - and that’s not always easy. Angie’s stories of real women dealing with real joys and concerns will resonate with you.  

1:00 pm

Session C -- Agricultural centers and programs workshops -- - select one option below

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences hosts many centers, institutes and programs serve producers, agribusinesses, rural communities, policymakers, educators and scientists across the nation and around the world. This breakout session introduces you to resources you can use to help manage your farm business.

  1. Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - Increasing Diversity Through Local Food Systems (Great Hall)
- Craig Chase,  Marketing and Food Systems Initiative Program Leader, Iowa State University
Farmers across Iowa are testing new marketing strategies, improving communities, and using sustainable production practices. The center’s on-farm research and support of regional food systems working groups is helping to address value chain issues.
  2. Safe Farm - Understanding Grain Hazards and Building A Safety Culture (Campanile Room)
- Chuck Schwab, Extension Farm Safety Specialist, Iowa State University
The best defense in preventing injuries or deaths is to understand the hazard. Explore the how’s and why’s of grain suffocation hazards. Beyond grain hazards, we will go over fundamental questions and techniques that can be the beginning steps in establishing your farm’s safety culture.
  3. Iowa Beef Industry Center - Tracking Production Costs of Your Cow Herd (Cardinal Room)
- Denise Schwab, Extension Beef Field Specialist, Iowa State University
The Iowa Beef Center will help you keep good records and compare your costs of production with average  benchmarks over the last three years (representing the best, worst and average times). That’s only the beginning of planning for greater profitability.
  4. Farm Energy Project - Embracing Energy Efficiency (Pioneer Room)
- Dana Petersen, program coordinator and Mark Hanna, Extension agricultural engineer, Iowa State University

Have you seen the "Farm Energy" column in Wallaces Farmer lately? Join us to learn more about saving energy all around the farm, including fuel efficiency and conservation for tractors, field operations and grain drying.  Join our breakout session and follow us on Twitter @ISU_Farm_Energy

  5. Beginning Farmer Center - Helping Our Next Generation of Farmers (Rm 3512)
- David Baker, Extension Farm Transition Specialist, Iowa State University
Communication is key to a successful farm transition from the established generation to the beginning generation. Be inspired by Iowa success stories of family and non-family transitions and how the BFC helped make them possible.
2:00 Session D -- Off-campus tours - select one option below
All tours will depart from and return to the south entrance of the Memorial Union. Please wear clean closed-toe boots or shoes that have not been in other livestock areas.
  1. Iowa State University Dairy Farm
The Iowa dairy industry is proud of the new Dairy Farm located south of campus which opened in 2007. The farm is used for dairy breeding, nutrition, and related research, teaching and extension. The farm milks 442 cows and houses 321 head of young stock providing many student opportunities.
  2. Iowa State University Horticulture Farm
The Horticulture Farm includes flat areas, rolling hills, and waterways, with a 12 acre lake which is used by Fisheries and Biology personnel. Horticulture research projects range from work on fruits, vegetables, and herbaceous ornamentals, to work with trees, shrubs, and turfgrass.
  3. BioCentury Research Farm
The BioCentury Farm is the first-in-the-nation integrated research and demonstration facility dedicated to biomass production and processing. This facility presents a unique opportunity for industry collaboration and accelerates innovation and production capacity.  associated with biobased fuels, chemicals, and products.
  4. Veterinary Medicine Diagnostics Lab
The Diagnostics Center supports agriculture by providing comprehensive and cutting edge diagnostic services; delivering accessible, timely, accurate, valid and consistent test results; and offering educational opportunities to professional and graduate students, scientists, diagnosticians and practitioners.
  5.Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center
The depth of expertise found in Iowa State's Veterinary Medical Center is not found anywhere else in the state. They  provide the clinical services of highly skilled specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of large and small animal diseases.

Gather back in the Great Hall for the Annie’s Project Tenth Anniversary Celebration Cake and good for your health snacks. Join us for door prize drawings and get in on one last chance to visit the resource exhibits and storytelling room.

Women in the Changing Farmscape (Great Hall, Memorial Union)
Mary Swander will perform selections from her play and latest book called Farmscape. She will discuss the roles of women in the changing rural environment, how they are integrally involved with the land, with the business of farming, and how they have taken on leadership roles in both their families and their communities. Mary Swander is the Poet Laureate of the State of Iowa and a Distinguished Professor of English in the ISU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  

5:00 Program adjourns