Early-season Crop Management Clinic

June 11, 2014

The Early-season Crop Management Clinic focuses on crop and pest issues prevalent at the front-end of the season. The morning half of the program will focus on corn and soybean growth and development and weed management issues. The afternoon schedule is flexible and allows clinic attendees to select and rotate among the available topics each hour.

The clinic opens at 8:00 a.m. and the program runs 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Lunch and refreshments are included.

Certified Crop Adviser (CCA) continuing education credits have been applied for and are subject to approval by the CCA organization. Requested credit categories appear below for each program topic. This program will qualify for 6 total credits but categories will vary depending on individual topic selection.


Scheduled topics and CCA credits
Corn management - Mark Licht, Extension agronomist (1.0 CM)
This session will include both field and ‘tent time’ aimed to improve your agronomic skills and ability to think about corn production. Mark Licht will investigate field situations that require understanding and integrating crop development along with production recommendations.
Soybean management - Mark Johnson, Extension field agronomist (1.0 CM)

Highlighting three different plot areas, Mark Johnson’s talks will be over a soybean maturity plot showcasing 6 different soy maturity groups, a demonstration of soybean planting depth, as well as differences in soybean row width and populations.

Early-season herbicide injury - Bob Hartzler, Extension weed management specialist (1.0 PM)
Dr. Bob Hartzler will discuss and walk participants through a variety of pre-emergent herbicide results and injury symptoms.
Micronutrient crop response and management - Antonio Mallarino, Extension soil fertility specialist (1.0 NM)
Covering the latest research on micro-nutrients and crop response Dr. Antonio Mallarino will discuss and answer questions in relation to his research.
Nutrient deficiency symptoms - John Sawyer, Extension soil fertility specialist (0.5 NM)

Deficiency of nutrient supply can show as specific symptoms in crop plants. This session will cover descriptions of nutrient deficiency symptoms in crops grown in Iowa.

In-season Nitrogen application and soil nitrate testing - John Sawyer, Extension soil fertility specialist (0.5 NM)
Weather conditions can affect the need for making nitrogen applications during the growing season. This session will cover soil testing and plant sensing for determining in-season nitrogen applications and potential for corn response.
Planter performance - Mark Hanna, Extension agricultural engineer (0.5 CM)
Mark Hanna will discuss the effects of your planter and its performance in the field. Highlighting planter populations and their expected versus actual emergence. Time may also allow participants to view the planter demonstration plots highlighting depth, down-pressure, row cleaner settings, and ground speed.
Early season disease pressures - Daren Mueller, Extension crop plant pathologist (0.5 PM)
Participants will learn how to properly identify and scout for early season diseases in corn and soybeans.
Weed identification - Mike Owen, Extension weed management specialist (0.5 PM)
Spend some time in the weed garden learning tips and tricks for early season weed ID with Mike Owen
Early-season insects - Erin Hodgson, Extension entomologist (0.5 PM)

With most crops planted, now is the time to scout for potential pests in emerging crops. We will review identification and management of some of the most common corn and soybean pests.


  • Registration is $150 and includes refreshment breaks, lunch and class materials.
  • Class enrollment is limited and accepted on first-come first-paid basis.
  • Pre-registration is required and the deadline for registration is midnight, June 6, 2014.
  • Cancellations requesting a refund must be received by midnight, June 6, 2014. Call (515) 294-6429 or email anr@iastate.edu to cancel your registration.


The clinic will be held at the Field Extension Education Laboratory (FEEL) west of Ames, Iowa. The address is 1928 240th Street, Boone, Iowa.


For questions about FEEL and the clinics, contact Stuart McCulloh at smac@iastate.edu or (515) 509-8308.

For assistance with registration, receipts, billing, cancellation or questions on the status of your registration contact Program Services at (515) 294-6429 or anr@iastate.edu.