This event will be a company-neutral (not focused on one particular equipment brand) learning opportunity to help you continue to better understand and optimize your planting setup. The focus won't be on telling you what settings you should be running, but rather the theory behind planting equipment and new planting technology allowing you to evaluate and identify the right setting for you, your seed, your field, and your equipment setup. Registration is limited to allow for hands on demonstrations with both high speed and traditional row unit demo stands.


  • Gain a better understanding of how planter downforce systems function. Understand their theory of operation, limitations, and considerations for making adjustments in the field.
  • Understand differences in how high speed planters should be set compared to conventional planters to obtain maximum performance at high speeds.
  • Gain confidence in evaluating wear components on your planter and when to replace them. Understand how to check, adjust and/or calibrate your row units for proper seeding depth.
  • Gain insights into how your seedbed conditions and preparation impacts planter row unit performance.
  • Better understand what data planters today can generate and how to better utilize it on your farming operation.

Who should attend?

  • Farmers interested in continuing to learn about and optimize their current planter or farmers who are considering upgrading planters in the future.
  • Farmers with high speed planters interested in continuing to refine how the set their planter to optimize performance.
  • Crop input dealers or other service providers that depend on proper seed planting to ensure performance of their products.
  • Equipment or precision ag dealers and technicians interested in continuing to broaden their knowledge and understanding of how planters function and the agronomic implications associated with planting.


Time Presentation
8:30 am Registration check-in opens, morning refreshments
9:00 Welcome and introductions
9:10 Review of 2022 conditions and improving for 2023
9:30 Basics of planter downforce

Rotation 1 - divide into 2 groups

  • Topic A - Want to plant fast? Here is what you need to know first. Review of planter technologies and setting up your high speed planter.
  • Topic B - Back to the basics: Maintenance, calibration and seedbed prep
11:45 Lunch (provided)
12:15 pm How to setup and document field trials for planter attachments or other agronomic factors
  • Planter attachment options
  • How do those attachments affect planter performance
  • Downforce, interactions with seed, tillage aspects
  • Tips for setting up and documenting a side-by-side field trial and data collection
1:00 Rotation 2 - groups switch to 2nd topic from 10:30 session.
2:15 Review key concepts of the day and final questions.
2:30 Program adjourns



Planter University registration is $85 and includes lunch, breaks, reference materials, seed depth tool and closing wheel hold up bracket.

Class size is limited and registration will close when a location reaches capacity. Early registration is encouraged.

closing wheel hold up bracket
seed depth tool


February 6, 2023 | Sutherland, Iowa

Northwest Research and Demonstration Farm
6320 500th St, Sutherland, IA 51058

Registration and the wait list for this location have filled. Please select another location.


Gentry Sorenson

Gentry Sorenson
Extension field agronomist
(641) 430-6715

February 7, 2023 | Nashua, Iowa

Northeast Research Farm - Borlaug Learning Center
3327 290th Street, Nashua, IA 50658

Registration and the wait list for this location have filled. Please select another location.


Josh Michel

Josh Michel
Extension field agronomist
(563) 581-7828

February 8, 2023 | Crawfordsville, Iowa

Southeast Research and Demonstration Farm
3115 Louisa-Washington Rd, Crawfordsville, IA 52621

Advance registration for this location has closed.

Registration: $85
Registration deadline: Feb 3, 2023


Rebecca Vittetoe

Rebecca Vittetoe
Extension field agronomist
(712) 540-3319

February 9, 2023 | Woodbine, Iowa

Agriland FS Woodbine
1792 Panora Ave, Woodbine, IA 51579

Registration: $85
Registration deadline: Feb 7, 2023


Mike Witt

Mike Witt
Extension field agronomist
(641) 430-2600

February 10, 2023 | Nevada, Iowa

CNH Industrial Ag Information Center
23942 590th Ave, Nevada, IA 50201

Registration and the wait list for this location have filled. Please select another location.


Meaghan Anderson

Meaghan Anderson
Extension field agronomist
(319) 331-0058